1 Booking Conditions

1.1 Bookings for our group retreats can only be confirmed when a non-refundable deposit of $500 is received.

1.2 The remainder of your payment is due 3 months prior to the start of the retreat. If your retreat is booked within 3 months of the start date, you are required to pay the full amount at the time of booking.

1.3 Retreat participants must obtain comprehensive travel insurance to attend our group retreats including, but not limited to, cover for overseas medical expenses, evacuation charges, trip cancellations and force majeure events.

 1.4 Every retreat participant must provide ALIIGN Retreats with full details of their travel insurance at the time of final payment, as well as a signed copy of the participation form and indemnity waiver. Failure to provide these documents may result in cancellation of your booking and forfeiting the non-refundable deposit.

1.5 Retreat participants must be at least 18 years or older to attend our group retreats.

1.6 By paying your deposit, or by paying the full amount for your retreat, you agree and accept our Retreat Terms and Conditions.  

2 Payment Policy

2.1 Full payment must be received at least 90 days prior to the start of the retreat. If you make your reservation within 90 days of the retreat commencing, full payment is required at the time of booking to secure your spot. Failure to pay the full amount within this time frame results in the deposit being forfeited. We reserve the right to resell your place in the retreat if full payment has not been received 90 days prior to the retreat commencing.

2.2 Bank fees, credit card charges or PayPal fees incurred by transferring money are the sole responsibility of the guest.

2.3 Any services not included in the retreat package are the sole responsibility of the retreat participant and have to be paid for by the participant, in the local currency of the retreat destination.

3 Cancellation Policy

3.1 All cancellations must be received in writing to ALIIGN@retreathere.com.

It is the Retreat Participant’s responsibility to contact ALIIGN Retreats and verify that their message was received to avoid any potential additional cancellation fees that may be incurred due to delayed cancellation. ALIIGN Retreats nor Retreat Here will take no responsibility for any costs associated with messages not being received, or a delay to inform us of their cancellation.

The Retreat Participant is responsible to ensure flights, travel insurance and any components booked outside of this retreat are cancelled and will adhere to the cancellation policy of each individual supplier.

If you wish to transfer the booking to another Retreat Participant, this has to be requested in writing to ALIIGN@retreathere.com and is subject to approval.

The following cancellation fees apply for booking cancellations and transfer requests:

3.2 Cancellation fees are as follows.

Cancellations received:

  • Prior to 90+ days from the start of the booked retreat date: You will forfeit the non-refundable deposit. If payment in full has already been made, you may transfer 100% of this payment (less the deposit) to a future retreat, to be used within 18 months from date of booking, or request a full refund (less the deposit).

  • Between 60-89 days prior to the start date of your booked retreat: You will forfeit the non-refundable deposit. You may transfer 100% of the retreat fees (less the deposit) to a future retreat, to be used within 18 months from date of booking, or request a refund of 75% of the retreat fees (less the deposit).

  • Between 0 and 59 days prior to the start date of your booked retreat: No refund or transfer is allowed and you will forfeit 100% of your retreat fees paid.

3.3. Due to our commitment to accommodation providers, instructors, tour operators etc, we cannot make any exceptions to the above-mentioned cancellation fees. We do not offer any credit for arriving late or departing early, missing activities or not using any part of the scheduled program.

3.4 You must submit your signed participation agreement, indemnity waiver form and proof of travel insurance at least 90 days prior to the retreat commencing. If you have made your booking within 90 days of the retreat start date, your documents are due within one week of booking. Guests who fail to do so, may be subject to an automatic cancellation and the above cancellation policy will apply.

3.5 If ALIIGN Retreats (or any of our partners or partner venues) is forced to cancel or change a scheduled retreat or retreat dates for any reason, excluding force majeure (see clause 3.7) you may transfer your full payment to another retreat date within an 18 month period, subject to availability. You may also request a full refund to your original credit card/form of payment.

3.6 We are not responsible for any expenses incurred in preparation of any cancelled retreat - whether our own group retreats or retreats we have helped planning - i.e. airplane tickets, other accommodation booked, travel insurance, airport transfers, illness, loss of work etc.

3.7 We will not be liable for cancellation, failure of, or delay in performing our obligations under this agreement due to force majeure events (Earthquake, hurricane, tornado, flooding, volcanic activity or other natural disasters, or in the case of war, action of foreign enemies, terrorist activities, labor dispute or strike, government sanction, blockage, embargo or epidemic) or if certain conditions present unacceptable danger to the retreat participant.

3.8 In the event of a cancellation or refund, we are not responsible for any currency fluctuations and will refund the original amount from the original invoice.

4 Prices and Retreat Program

4.1 Prices and Retreat Program as shown on the website are subject to change. We reserve the right to change retreat prices, or prices of individual add-on components, without prior notice. Existing bookings that have been paid for in full, or for which a deposit has been paid, will keep their original price as per the invoice.

4.2 We reserve the right to change our original retreat program and schedule, or individual services due to extraordinary circumstances s (e.g. external forces, governmental regulations, delays of third parties, weather and oceanic conditions, etc.). Retreat schedules and itineraries, including any activities and workshops included, can change at any time without notice.

4.3 We reserve the right to change the retreat location due to unforeseen issues (e.g. third party delays or problems, construction, etc.). We will ensure the standard is kept the same in all the partnering retreat venues.

5 Liability

5.1 To the extent permitted by law, neither ALIIGN Retreats nor Retreat Here nor any of its directors, partners, employees or contractors accept any liability for any injury, damage, loss (including consequential loss), delay, additional expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by the acts, omissions or default, whether negligent or otherwise, of third party providers over whom we have no direct control and is not preventable by reasonable diligence on our part.

5.2 You acknowledge that you voluntarily take part in the retreat, and in any activities, classes and excursions arranged by us, retreat venues, organisers or third party hosts, and insofar as legally permissible, waive your right to hold any of the organisers responsible for any loss or damage to person or property that occurs during our retreats.

 5.3 ALIIGN Retreats and our partner Retreat Here reserve the right to change this policy at anytime. The current policy is always applicable.

6 Passport/Visa Information

6.1 Laws regarding validity of passports vary from country to country, with many governments still requiring passports to have a minimum validity of 6 months beyond the period of intended stay. Passports must also have a minimum of four blank pages to be valid for travel.

Increasingly, regulatory authorities around the world are introducing tighter and more stringent entry requirements, including the matching of names as per the passenger’s passport/visa with names on passenger tickets. ALIIGN Retreats now requires clients to provide us with their exact full names (including middle names) as shown in their passport. This is to mitigate any risk, improve the experience for travellers and avoid any disputes with regulatory authorities due to a name mismatch.

6.2 It is your responsibility when travelling or transiting a country to ensure that you have valid passports, visas, visa waivers, re-entry permits which meet the the requirements of the local immigration and/or government authorities.

7 Health Overseas

7.1 It is important that you discuss your travel plans with a health professional to ensure you have the correct vaccinations for your trip and any booster doses of childhood vaccinations you may need. The US Government recommends you make an appointment with your doctor or travel clinic for a basic health check-up as well as to discuss the health requirements (vaccinations etc.) and/or any precautions for the destinations you will be traveling to.

Apart from the health risks involved, some countries actually prohibit travel unless you can prove your immunisation record. The World Health Organisation provides health information for overseas travellers.

7.2 Should you need to take medication overseas with you it is important to check the medication is legal in the destination country. On occasions, you may need a letter from your doctor describing your medical condition and a detailed list of the medication required. (In general the medication should be carried in its original packaging and clearly marked.) For more medical information, visit your local doctor.

7.3 Some countries require tourists to carry proof of medical cover (in the form of travel insurance) in order to enter. It is therefore highly recommended that you keep a copy of your policy on you at all times when travelling.



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