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Our intention

ALIIGN is a lifestyle movement to promote oneness, health and awareness of our planet. Our goal is to align your mind, body and spirit as one with the universe through life-changing retreat experiences that allow you to reconnect with your inner being and the world around you. Live authentic, live healthy, travel well. 

Our ALIIGN Retreats provide you with the time and space to develop or deepen your yoga & meditation practice, and experience awesome outdoor activities and adventures in inspiring environments.

Our retreat classes are hosted by an array of handpicked, educated and inspiring people from around the globe. From yoga and wellness advocates to empowering leaders and meditation teachers, ALIIGN Retreats was founded to deliver memorable retreats around the world. 

Giving back to society and helping you immerse in local cultures are an integral part of what we do. We offer a welcoming, safe, and fun environment that enables everyone to experience growth, learn about self-care and become part of a supportive community. We endeavour to integrate the philosophies of Yoga with memorable lifestyle adventures in creating unique retreat experiences accessible to people of all ages and all walks of life.